"I lost my job. …my wife homeschooled our children and I was the only financial provider for our household."

As a couple Frank and his wife had made the decision to have money in savings, however, what they did not expect was the lack of response to the resumes he was sending out. Weeks passed and bills still needed to be paid.

Anxiety crept in.

One day Frank was sharing his situation with some friends and one of them suggested he reach out to Christian HELP. They said Christian HELP may be able to help him with his resume and increase his chances of at least securing a response and possible an interview.

"On my first visit to Christian HELP I met with Ann, a Care Manager. She gave me some suggestions on how to improve my resume. Ann advised me of upcoming job fairs and even provided me with copies of my resume to hand out.

When the visit was over, we prayed, and Ann asked if I wanted to take food home to the family.

I did not understand at first what Ann was offering. She explained that Christian HELP had a food bank and wanted to provide groceries for his family every two weeks so I could concentrate on my job search."

With all the other expenses, like the exorbitant cost of health care, not having to worry about the cost of food was a relief. Beyond filling the basic need for food, it also provided a lot of treats that we would not otherwise have bought for ourselves, like blue cheese burgers, port, fruit and nice bread.

Frank did find a job and Christian HELP continued to provide groceries until Frank’s family had their budget caught up.

Please join us today as we help feed families so that they use their cash to pay for rent and utilities until they are back on their feet. PREVENT homelessness today and donate to summer suppers!

$25 Provides 25 Summer Suppers

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