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We want our philanthropic dollars to have an impact.
3 Questions to ask when considering donating to a charity...

Now we move into the next year, the hope from last Christmas still fills our hearts. My prayer is that the feeling that people have had in giving back at Christmas would fill their hearts each and every day in 2019.

Good Marketers know their product, carefully define their target market, and then communicate effectively to the target market to entice them to “buy”.

A gentleman sat across from me sharing his professional history, skills, and strengths. As he related the steps he'd taken to find a job over the past 4 months, I watched the sun glint on the little streaks of gray in his hair and realized his head was bent from the weight of the job-search as he spoke. Click to read more!

Three years ago, my family and I relocated to Casselberry, Florida after living overseas for eight years. I remember driving past the Christian HELP building, seeing the big American flag against the blue Florida sky and wondering, “What exactly does Christian HELP do?”.

During his time on the earth, Jesus fulfilled many roles. Some of them were exclusive to him because of his deity. Others are roles that we are to reflect as we live and follow Him in this world. Click to read more!

Last Friday, around 2:45 pm a lady walked into the doors of Christian HELP and said she had put her last $11 in the car for gas. She is working, but not earning enough money. Her hours have become less and less. Click to read more!

I live a blessed life. There's a roof over my head, a car that runs, and a few bucks in my pocket. I'm pretty sure where my next meal is coming from, even if it is take out. Most importantly, I know God's love. I live a rescued, redeemed and restored life.

That wasn't always the case. Click to read more!

Vickie Martin is the executive director at Christian HELP Employment & Resource Center, a 26-year-old non-profit whose mission is to prevent homelessness by helping people find jobs while also providing for them materially and spiritually. Click to read more!

I went to the Christmas Extravaganza in December 2017 hoping to help out the Christian HELP needy families pick out presents for their beautiful children. This was my 4th year helping Christian HELP with their Christmas "toy day". Click to read more!

I’m told the tradition started about a decade ago as the Christian HELP staff wanted a way to recognize the moment they learn of a job seeker getting a job. That is, the tradition of ringing a bell in the office every time a job seeker reports of getting a job. Click to read more!

A couple of weeks ago a co-worker handed me the book “Simple Trust Simple Prayers” by Cindy Mallin. Wow – game changer!

The writings are of George Mueller, a minister who pioneered five orphanages in England during the 1800s. Mueller relied solely on God for his provisions. I mean solely!! Click to read more!

A friend of a friend of a friend. Sometimes that’s how it all starts, referrals to Christian HELP I mean.

A lot of time people want to know how job seekers hear about us, find us, etc. The answer is often, word of mouth. We are not unusual in the fact that as with most businesses, the best way to get new customers are through referrals. Case in point…

When I asked Alicia (pictured right) if I could take her picture she hesitated a bit but then smiled. “I just got off the graveyard shift at work and didn’t have time to get ready.” Alicia works overnight at a gas station to support her little boys, both of which have autism. Click to read more!

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