Starting Over After Prison

This is Dave’s story. Dave and his wife are currently living in a friend’s apartment after several months of living in a hotel.  Life wasn’t always like this.  Previously Dave had run a successful business.  Money had never been an issue. In fact, business became so good that Dave and his wife were having trouble keeping up with the services promised by their deadlines. Unfortunately, a customer pressed charges against them which resulted in an 18-month prison sentence for Dave and in-home detention for his wife. They lost absolutely everything. 

They lost absolutely everything.

Dave started applying for management and logistics jobs and would almost be hired when they would find out about his criminal past. After meeting one-on-one, regularly with a Christian HELP Care Manager, Dave decided that during this hard season of life he would seek the Lord and work on his spiritual growth instead of making money.

Dave’s wife had recently gotten hired as hospitality at McDonald’s. When she mentioned her husband’s experience in management to her boss, her boss asked him to interview at a separate McDonald's where he got hired! Dave was a little hesitant to take the job, but is now loving it.  He is learning a lot and loves learning from the younger generation that is surrounding him.

He got hired!

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