Christian HELP Clients Receiving Food at the Pantry

Helping the Invisible in Our Community

Three years ago, my family and I relocated to Casselberry, Florida after living overseas for eight years. I remember driving past the Christian HELP building, seeing the big American flag against the blue Florida sky and wondering, “What exactly does Christian HELP do?”.   Curiosity got the best of me and I pulled up the website. I was shocked by the impact that such a “small” place could have.  How did they manage to provide over 900,000 pounds of food annually to those in need? Were there even that many people in the area that needed food? 


I have lived in parts of the world where it is very visible that people are malnourished.  Sitting in McDonalds and having a child outside of the restaurant stare at you as you munch down on your Big Mac was unfortunately the norm.  When I drove through the streets of Casselberry, I didn’t see that. In the America that I left in my 20’s, everyone had food on the table.


Sadly, that is not always the case.  In Central Florida, 40% of families are classified as “working poor” and are one crisis away from homelessness.  I decided to give Christian HELP a call and attended one of their “Come, See, Hear” tours. A week later I started volunteering and began to see firsthand the effects that unemployment and underemployment have on individuals and families.  


I quickly learned that poverty doesn’t have a certain “look”.  Every day our parking lot is full of people who are hurting and in need of help. I’ve seen mothers walk up to our doors, pushing their children in strollers, to receive food to put dinner on the table. I’ve seen older men driving nice cars, recently laid-off, and walking toward our building with their resumes in hand.   There are a myriad of reasons people walk through our doors, but the unifying reason is simple, for HELP.   


HELP comes in all different forms.  Maybe its food assistance, resume review or just a listening ear or hands to hold in prayer.  Whatever the reason, Christian HELP is there for the “invisible” in our community.


After a time of volunteering at Christian HELP, I was blessed to be able to join the staff at Christian HELP. During my first staff meeting, our Executive Director, Vickie Martin said, “You have something everybody walking through those doors wants, a job! Don’t forget that.” Two years later, I count it a blessing to be able to communicate with the community the great work that Christian HELP does for those in need in Central Florida.  


Maybe after reading this, you feel led to learn more about Christian HELP and ways we help your community.  If that is the case, we’d love for you to join us for a FREE lunchtime tourRegister here!


Megan Moscoso | Communications Coordinator


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