Mission & History


To prevent homelessness by helping people find jobs while providing for them materially and spiritually. 


To see God honored by providing for the vocational, material and spiritual needs of those who are unemployed and actively seeking employment.


Christian HELP has a long history of helping people find their way forward in life through the vehicle of employment and it all began in 1992.

Husband and wife, Dick and Madge Wilson and friend, Harry Kunisch, leased a building on Concord Drive in Casselberry, FL in March of that year and put out a sign, "Christian HELP”. It was Mrs. Wilson that created the acronym HELP from Hope, Encouragement, Love and Prayer, the methodology which fuels the mission still today.

The idea behind Christian HELP back then and that remains, is to prevent homelessness you must have an income to afford a home. Christian HELP was and continues to be in the business of helping people find that income through employment. We have always worked with anyone willing and able to work and our mission, to PREVENT HOMELESSNESS by helping people find jobs while providing for them materially and spiritually, remains in place still today and is needed now, just as much as when we started.

Back in 1992, it took a couple months, but then job seekers began to find their way to Concord Drive by May of that year and by 1994 the division of Christian HELP known as, CFEC (Central Florida Employment Council) was born. This division brought employers together which supplied job leads for Christian HELP’s job seekers and is active still.

By 1994 CFEC had added job fairs as a direct connection between the unemployed or underemployed and companies hiring. That same year the Orlando Business Journal declared Christian HELP to be the most successful permanent placement agency in Central Florida.

In 1996 Christian HELP moved to a bigger location in Longwood, FL.

Then in 2000, the ministry moved back to Casselberry, FL to again, a bigger location where they have remained.

Since that time, Christian HELP has added a 2,000 square foot food pantry to its site and began offering a Christmas toy giveaway program to provide for the children with unemployed or underemployed parents.

Fast forward into the present and Christian HELP has become known as the only faith-based, free employment source in Central Florida with a specialty in our field of social service, with the results we have, with the longevity we have and the for the unique way in which results are achieved.




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