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Angel stepped into our office at Christian HELP broken and downtrodden. Just a few weeks earlier his future had appeared so bright. The American dream finally seemed like a reality... that is until two weeks before signing a lease on a new home, he lost his job.

His fear? To watch all of his hard work, dedication and dreams disappear in an instant. But God...had a plan. One of our Care Managers prayed with him and recommended he check out CFJI, one of Christian HELP's programs that help provide job seekers with skills to get a job.

In Angel's words, "Those two weeks at CFJI were probably two of the best weeks of my life." The classes gave him purpose, a routine, skills and ultimately confidence to get back out there. And get back out there is what he did! After only three weeks of searching, Angel found a job! Angel is now employed as a research coordinator at UCF.

Updated: 06/22/2016