Thousands of people in Central Florida face the crisis of homelessness daily. For the last 27 years, Christian HELP has been preventing this crisis by equipping those willing and able to work with the job search skills they need to find and keep employment.

We work to put people back to work, give hope, and strengthen our community. 



Stories of Hope

"I know what hard times feel like and how hard at times it is to put food on the table."
Read on to hear more and learn why it's so important Christopher volunteers his time at Christian HELP!

From wondering how he and his family were going to eat, to more than enough in their freezer, read Tim's story of his journey to employment and food on the table through Christian HELP and supporters like you!

Carlos is a political refugee from Venezuela. He, his wife, and two children relocated to central Florida.
Read about how your support of Christian HELP allows people like Carlos to find hope...

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