Central Florida has thousands of persons living in various forms of homelessness.                 For 27 years, Christian HELP has been preventing homelessness by connecting the underemployed and unemployed with jobs.



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Moving is not typically something people look forward to or have fun doing. It takes a lot of work and is often very stressful. Relocating after a natural disaster can be that much more daunting. This is Mae’s story…

Two years ago, two men from opposite sides of the globe, one from the Caribbean and one from Africa, showed up at Christian HELP seeking similar help. Little did they know that their paths would cross, their lives forever changed, and that they would become Christian brothers.

Now we move into the next year, the hope from last Christmas still fills our hearts. My prayer is that the feeling that people have had in giving back at Christmas would fill their hearts each and every day in 2019.

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